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Recent Research Topics

Recent Research Topics
Recent Research Topics


Biophotonics and Bioimaging Laboratory
Prof. Ta-Te Lin

Our laboratory focuses on the applications of image processing, mechatroincs, modeling and computer simulation in agricultural and biological related researches. In recent years, we have made significant contributions in integrating imaging technology and mechatronic systems for both fundamental research and practical applications. More than 200 research articles have been published in international and domestic journals and conferences. The laboratory carried out research projects from government agencies such as National Science Council, Council of Agriculture, Ministry of Economic Affairs, and private organizations or companies such as Industrial Technology Research Institute, Automotive Research & Testing Center, etc. In addition, members of our research team have won many prizes in machine vision and robotic competitions. The theoretical background and experiences as provided by the research environment of the laboratory has nurtured our graduated students equipped with excellent capabilities as a bio-mechatoincs engineer for interdisciplinary researches and professions. The scope of laboratory encompasses areas in both theoretical development as well as practical applications. Some recent research topics are listed as follows:

Theoretical Development:
Fast and robust ellipse detection in images
Chemical shift MR imaging techniques
Large-scale virtual reality
Non-destructive measurement using low-field NMR
3D X-ray tomography and reconstruction
Diffusion-reaction model for animal pattern formation
3D stereo vision algorithms

Practical Applications:
Thermal-electric cooled cryomicroscope system
Automatic X-ray quarantine system
Digital imaging system for fish length measurement
Exoskeleton robots based on EMG signals
Intelligent active surveillance system
Automatic potting and transplanting systems for ornamental flower seedlings
Imaging and monitoring system for honey bee behavior assessment

Headline News

Article Strawberry foliar anthracnose assessment by hyperspectral imaging

hohocat - Publication | 2016-02-14 22:44:59

      Computers and Electronics in Agriculture on ScienceDirect

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Authors: Yu-Hui Yeh, Wei-Chang Chung, Jui-Yu Liao, Chia-Lin Chung, Yan-Fu Kuo, Ta-Te Lin

Journal: Computers and Electronics in Agriculture; 122 (2016) 1–9

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